BirthTUBE started in August 2017 by this random girl who knew nothin' about birth, Paige LoPinto. (hey, that's me. :))

It's true. I was a wedding planner/nanny/ full-time mom and 8 months pregnant with my 2nd when I thought, "hey, I should stream my birth live on Facebook." (wooo, buddy!)

Here's the back story, I knew I wanted to have a home birth with my 1st but wasn't exactly sure where to start with this 'home-birth-thing.' Growing up I knew - you get pregnant, hire an OB, go to the hospital with 'it's time', scream your head off until you get the epidural and BOOM have a baby.

But I always knew I wanted to do 'it' different.

I remember looking at my best friend's ginormous bathtub and saying, "I would love to have a baby in there."

I was always fascinated with the idea of having a home birth but never knew anyone who "did it at home." (I mean, I've done "it" at home but not that "it.")

Fast Forward to planning the birth of my first - I googled, who do you hire for a home birth? I interviewed 2 midwives, picked 1.

But I'd never done this home-birth-thing so I wanted to see what a home birth looked like, sounded like, and the get answers to some of the most 'basic questions,' - how do they fill the pool, what happens if there's a mess, etc. - I needed to see a home-birth in action.

Hello YouTube videos!

YouTube videos help prepare me for my first so I thought what better way to pay-it-forward then to stream my birth live on Facebook.

Where'd the "live on Facebook" idea come from? - April the Giraffe. - Did you watch the Giraffe at the New York Zoo give birth live on Facebook too? I was hooked for a solid 2 weeks!





DON'T LET THE  GIRL WITH THE LAPTOP FOOL YOU. (she doesn't know what she's doing.)


I used to be a nanny, wedding planner, tour manager, cocktail waitress, real estate agent… My passion has always involved something with business and being creative. I saw an opportunity to COMBINED my techy skills with birth to transform lives… and view on birth. So I did. I streamed my birth live. But why did I continue to build a community even after my birth? Personally, birth is not my passion. Sorry. I’ve never wanted to be a midwife, nurse, doula (still don’t)  What lights me up is business, marketing, tech-y stuff and most of using my skills to transform the lives of others. The birth world doesn’t need another “expert” (thankful to those who are) - the birth world needs someone who has no clue about medical practices but thinks like you and has a voice and is willing to use it bring awareness to exploring your options and supporting you along the way.

It’s my hope present you all your options in a fun, light, educational, creative, and entertaining way and to celebrate your choices.  

Modern Technology has made it possible to reach even more people. And I know how to use modern technology so why wouldn’t I take the one thing I love and combine it will what they world needs to reach more people and create a change. - The day I gave birth is the day I made a choice to SCALE to BirthTUBE. The birth world / online community needs a change, a transformation… if I can use my skills to create community,  to reach more people and create a change, that’s why I do what I do.



We want what's best for you. - There is wayy too much hate in this world... 'ain't nobody got time for that.'  We are passionate about creating a SUPPORTIVE community for you!



We have an extensive network of Doulas from all over the world ready to support you! 

*spoiler alert* I'm a "closet nerd" - all things Online Marketing + technology gets me all fired up. I love sharing my knowledge with Doulas to help them create a thriving business and life they love. 

warning - if you ever hang out with me on BirthTUBE Instagram Story... you might hear me completely nerd out on business stuff. 

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Meet the B-Team


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Jennifer Riddle

BirthTUBE Doula Representative
  • Blogger, small business owner, Central Indiana Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Specialist, and self-proclaimed “Crunchy Mom” of three kiddos, Jennifer Riddle says, “Birthwork is my jam.”

Paige LoPinto

  • Part-time nerd, a full-time mother, Paige LoPinto is the Founder of BirthTUBE. After spending my entire first pregnancy watching Birth Videos, the term “explore your options” has never sounded more familiar. - The 1st person to Stream her Birth Live on BirthTUBE. 

Savvy LoPinto

  • 1-year-old Boss Babe. - on her days off you can usually find her shopping in her mama's closet for necklaces and shoes. Her favorite hobbies include taking long walks around the neighborhood topless and hosting 2 am dance parties in her crib. 

Kirsten Freeman

Sister Group Community Manager
  • Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Fertility Doula. A recent transplant to the Greenville area from Florida. When she's not chasing her 3 kids, you can usually find her either watching TEDTalks, podcasts, reading books and blogs, and enrolling in more birth-related classes.