So on the 9/1/18 I woke up at 10.30pm with a really sharp intense pain so I got up and went to toilet and wiped blood.
Then more then a little more.
I went back to bed. 11pm I got up went back to toilet as the blood had me worried. Boy there was a lot of blood. A lot.
11.15pm mild pains nothing that I was worried about as I've been having them for a month already but I was concerned on the bleeding so I woke my husband and said just letting you know we may have to go to hospital I'm bleeding a lot.
Pains were next to nothing
11.20pm. Rang midwife while on the toilet.
I was calm as not distressed talking normally was just like a regular call. Told them I had a lot of blood. Barely any pain. She said ok because there is blood I will get you to come in. We will monitor you and chances are you will be able to go home it's probably just a small cervical bleed.
So I msg my neighbor and she said she will be down in a few mins.
Well she came down and walked into me on the toilet blood all over toilet paper in my hand and me going thru a contraction.
I then go and start getting the small things ready my yellow card, drink, charger while my husband packs the car.
It was 11.30pm and my contractions were now one on top of the other no spacing no nothing one would start go for 2 mins finish and another would start instantly.
And they were so so strong.
I kept running to the toilet there was so much blood and clots my god the clots.
I was so scared.
I honestly at this stage thought the absolute worst because of the clots. Meanwhile my neighbor gosh she was amazing she is a 3rd year nurse.
So because I kept delaying and using the toilet as my safety net things were getting risky. I eventually made it out the front door after sitting on the door step during a contraction lol
Then I managed to run to the car before another started right as I made it to the car door but I was paralyzed I couldn't get in the car. I held onto the car door and screamed the contractions were out of this world painful.
My other neighbor arrived home from work and I'm thinking fuck no I don't want to get stuck talking to you so my husband goes sorry we have to go. And pretty much pushed me in the car. Haha
So I live 5 mins from my hospital. That 5 mins was the longest 5 mins in my life! I went thru 6 contractions in that time and I was screaming stop stop to my husband. Thank God he kept going...
I really didn't want this baby born on the side of the road.
We get to the er he drops me off and I walk in fast and the place is PACKED so packed thank God there was no line for the triage but....
everyone made way for me anyway because here's me walking thru the glass doors right as a contractions starts and me going no no no.
I get to the triage and I grabbed hold of the window for dear life and screamed during another painful one while the guy is going to me hi what cannot help you with?
Midway thru the contraction I screamed a deep birthing unit! Poor guy felt sorry for him hahaha.
They got me a wheel chair and I turned around looking for my husband who still was not there from parking car and I see so many faces just stating at me.
Some amused some concerned some giving sympathy. The security arrives and off we go thru The er.
I get another contraction and I felt like I needed to push but didn't. 
I let out a huge long F*** I need to push! Then I seen a kid and I said sorry the mother goes don't worry love we've all been there before then the security guard starts to panic and turns around and goes back to er!!!
I'm screaming thru another contraction and the staff are going she's about to push go to the birthing unit nooowww!!!! So he ran. Literally. We get to the lift and my husband finally catches up.
We make it thru the birthing unit doors when another contraction came thru this one was so strong it burst my waters and this was so dramatic it was loud went Everywhere all over me and all over the security guard (😂😂) poor guy was having a rough night tonight.
We get into the room the midwife goes did you call me?
I said yes and she responded wtf that escalated fast you were so calm on the phone I was sure this was gunna be nothing but monitoring while she is stripping my clothes off as I'm leaning over the bed screaming I need to push
She got the bed set up and said kneel on the bed over the top so I did... 4 pushes later he was out and she goes well that was fast. My husband goes thank God we didn't stop on the side of the road.
All I heard from the midwife was well she was crowning when I took her shorts off you're very lucky and the poor security guard and everyone laughs.
Then my photographer ran in and goes OMG NOOOO WAAYY!!!!
Then laughs and starts snapping away and my husband cut the cord.


Birth Story by : Brianna

Photographer credit: Angie Duncan

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