Since everyone has shared their story, I’ll share my story with my daughter. Which was a totally new experience than the birth of my son who was a Pitocin induced birth at 40.6. I was originally having a home birth.

On April 12th I was 39 weeks and 5 days. We agreed to go ahead and strip my membranes to try and get labor going. Well, my cervix was so far back she could hardly reach it. I was only about a fingertip dilated and about 20% effaced. So needless to say my membranes weren’t stripped that day. I went home and on Sunday I was in so much pain I went to Er(I knew it was labor pains) I was contracting so I let them check me and I was about 60%effaced and 3-4 centimeters. I was given iv fluids to flush my kidneys, which did wonders! Monday the 16th(my birthday) rolled around and still nothing. ??‍♀️

Tuesday the 17th was different I was in a lot of pain but nothing major that I could handle. So I got some rest because I thought labor would be soon. I started having my bloody show that night as well. I woke up Wednesday the 18th with NOTHING! Not one contraction that I could feel. Same for Thursday, the 19th but I had an appointment that day. So I went in and got my membranes stripped and my cervix pulled forward. I was 5 cm by this time. The sweep didn’t do anything. I was contracting but I wasn’t hurting. I could barely feel them.

I woke up the 20th because I had the NST(stress test) for the baby. I was contracting but the baby wasn’t really moving. So she ended up not meeting the criteria to pass the test. My fluid was starting to get low as well. So the midwife advised that I needed to have the baby that afternoon she didn’t want me to go another night. I was 6 cm at the hospital when she checked me this time. She said if my midwife at home agreed to break my water she would be ok with that. My midwife agreed. I got home and my midwife showed up about 2. We got things prepped and she broke my water. I immediately started contracting back to back. The contractions were so hard and so fierce I could hardly catch my breath between them. I thought to myself I can not do 6-7 hours of this pains. I labored at home for about 30 minutes and I said I need pain relief, I can’t do this.

So I had my grandma start driving me to the hospital…Well…..on my way to the hospital I was contracting so bad. My Grammy was blowing through stop signs ended up bumping someone’s car. I knew when we were about 10 minutes away I was not going to make it. I pulled my pants off and got on my knees facing the back seat. I checked myself and I could feel the baby’s head.

We got to the light right by the ER entrance and of course, there was something going on in front of the hospital where we needed to go. By this point, I was so calm. My whole demeanor had changed because I knew had to catch my baby. I couldn’t even feel the contractions anymore. My Grammy was blowing the horn and all the officers, EMTs and everyone turned to look and I’m sure all they saw was my big ass in the windshield ??‍♀️. My Grammy hollered at the officer “she’s in labor! She’s having the baby! She’s crowning!!”

They called the Er staff out and everyone started running out! I got out of my car to stand up and the poor nurse who got to me first said “I’ve never delivered a baby! Sit down don’t push! We need a stretcher!” I told her I couldn’t sit that I was crowing! She said “don’t push” and I told her I had no control over that! Next contraction and out came her head. They brought the stretcher and told me I need to get on it. I yelled at them “I am not sitting down and you are not putting me on that stretcher!” After her head came out the nurse told me to push and I just looked at her and told her I have to wait on another contraction.

One more contraction and out she came. Caught by me and the ER nurse in the ambulance bay surrounded by probably 50 people.

My midwife almost made it but honestly, you can’t keep up with my Grammy ? It was a crazy experience but an amazing one! My water was broke at 2:50ish and I had her at 3:56. It was a first for all of us including my midwife. None of us thought I’d progress that fast.


I wish I would have been more confident to stay home, but so much was not right. My momma had not made it there, the midwife I had the closest connection to was not there(she planned to be there at 7 after she got out of class) I just panicked. I especially panicked because I went from no pain to horrible pain. With my son, the pain gradually got worse. With my daughter, it didn’t. So I now have to very different birth experiences and I’m excited to see what my third will be like! My next one will be a home birth!

Briar-Zaide Delaney Richards born at 3:56 pm 04/20/2018 weighing 8lbs 7oz 20 1/4 inches❤️❤️❤️

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