Hey, I'm Paige, Founder of BirthTUBE, lovely to meet you.

Did you watch April the Giraffe give birth live?

The beautiful, majestic 19-foot tall giraffe that gave birth live on youtube for the world to see.

Millions watched in awe. I was one of them.

As the viewer count rose, I experienced this overwhelming sense of community.

There was something special about thousands of people around the world watching a giraffe birth live.

Although we weren’t sitting next to each other, we were watching and waiting together. I learned a lot about giraffes during that time.

Did you know giraffes are pregnant for fifteen months and give birth standing up?!

Learning about April the giraffe created deep admiration for her and her birthing efforts.

During a girl’s night while pregnant with my second child, April’s live stream stayed on in the background.

We all laughed and joked that maybe I should stream my birth live.

This running joke sounded like a marvelous idea to me. If she could do it, why not me?

Birth videos on YouTube helped me prepare for my home birth by educating me and giving me the courage to birth at home.

There is something about watching birth videos that you can't get from reading books or online forms.


Whether my birth video would inspire one person or hundreds of people, I was committed to being what those birth videos on youtube were for me years prior. - also, I was ready to put to rest the 'assumptions' some people have surrounding birth, especially home birth.

Birth does not have to be what the media portrays.

Childbirth to me is a celebration. At my first home birth, I had 11 people present;  my husband, friends, in-laws, father and many more stood around my bed and cheered me on as I gave birth to my first child.

Having people watch me give birth was not a new experience for me, for that reason, when I decided to stream my birth live, I never second-guessed my decision.

Six weeks before delivery, I started a facebook group named Paige’s Home Birth and invited family and friends and anyone interested in my raw, real-time birth.

I wasn’t entirely sure anyone would genuinely be interested, but to my surprise, there were a lot. -seven thousand people joined the Facebook Group. 

Leading up to my birth, I did a couple of videos introducing myself and answering any questions. In those videos, it was important to me that I was transparent in the fact that just because home birth is what I felt was best for my family, did not mean I thought everyone needed to give birth at home. 

I merely wanted to give back to the community of expectant families and provide video birth in raw form in real time.

August 25, 2017 people from all over the world joined me as I birthed my child live at home. 

My labor was quick. Starting around 2:00 in the morning and ending three and a half hours later.

There wasn’t any pressure about actually streaming my birth, but I definitely didn't want to disturb anyone’s sleep over a false alarm. So, I waited and finally went live at 2:30 a.m.

Not only did I have over ten people attending my birth, around 400 people cheered me on virtually.

One viewer commented, "368 people nap today because they stayed up all night watching a Facebook Live Birth."

They were encouraging and provided such an enthusiastic response.

Moving from the birth ball to the shower, to the bed, I remained mobile through labor.

My cousin followed me around with the live feed and turned the camera when I was fully exposed and needed to relocate.

The live video continued the entire time.

I finally ended up on the bed and reached that moment, the moment when I felt like I couldn’t keep going.

Communicating that to my midwife with just the defeat in my eyes, I reached down, and there was the head.

I exclaimed, “THE HEAD!” and with one more push, baby slipped out and into the hands of my husband.

A magical moment for the world to see as we moved the cord and realized our surprise gender was a girl!

It was indeed a celebration for everyone present and in the live feed. But little did I know that along with the birth of my beautiful girl, I birthed another baby that same day: BirthTUBE

The birth of BirthTUBE has been similar. It was quick, and before I knew it, BirthTUBE went from being a Facebook Group to a powerful movement.

Exactly one week after the birth of Savvy, a mom of 2 from Canada streamed her birth live on BirthTUBE.

Also a fast home birth, she labored with her husband right by her side, and hundreds of us watched as she welcomed her baby girl into the world.

Next was Lacy from Louisiana.

Unmedicated hospital birth was in Lacy's "birth plan," but after 40 hours of intense labor, she decided pain relief is just what her body needed to relax and progress. Getting to witness this raw moment in real time was such a learning experience for all of us watching - sometimes birth doesn't go as 'planned.'

We gathered around and showered Lacy with support. After fifty-three hours of labor, we watched her welcome baby Lucy.

The BirthTUBE Movement on streaming births live continued, from the first month to current; we average 20 requests a month to stream birth live on BirthTUBE.

You can request to join the BirthTUBE to the community and watch birth videos live by clicking Join Group below.

our request will be reviewed within 24 hours. In the meantime,

1. watch past birth videos here on our website

2. If you are a doula or looking for a doula, find a doula near you on our 2018 Doula Directory.

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