I had prodromal labor for 6 days, or should I say nights, until Saturday, May 5th. My contraction continued throughout the day and I was hopeful it would keep progressing, and it did! I called my doula and she wasn’t too convinced it was time, but she came over anyway at about 88:15 pm.

As this was my second birth and me just being ready to have this baby, I was talking and happy because I knew it was getting close to meeting my sweet baby, which lead to no one quite believing I was in active labor (but I definitely was).

After contracting more intensely for a time, I said I was ready to head to the birthing center. Again my doula wasn’t convinced but said I knew my body and if I was ready then we would go. When we all arrive, I was at a 7. I was so happy!!

My water hadn’t broken yet, so I did two very painful contractions in a deep squat position, which still didn’t break it. I then got into the tub and my body was baring down with each contractions. I was only at an 8, so my midwife instructed me to try not to push so my cervix would not swell. I tried my best but ended up with about an inch and a half of cervical lip.

Photographer and Birth Videographer –  Birth Unscripted

My midwife told me she could move it, but to be prepared because it would be painful. She then told me to use the bathroom one last time before having her move the lip. After I got up from the toilet, the cervical lip has moved due to the position I was in on the toilet (thank God!!!) And the baby came fast!!


I yelled that he was crowning and they moved me to the bed. I was told I couldn’t get back into the tub because the baby’s heart rate had dropped, so I was given Oxygen and a few pushes later, he was born with a daddy assisted catch! Just an hour after arriving at the Birth Center.


It was a fantastic Birth!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

– Sheree Villanueva 

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