What started as a scheduled induction at 41 weeks turned into basically a natural birth like I originally wanted.
So midnight on Monday I was admitted to begin my induction.
I received my first rounds of cervidal (spelling ?) at 1:30AM. At that time I was 80% effaced and 3cm, why I needed that we don’t know, the nurse even called my dr and clarify with him.
Within the hour I started having steady painful contractions between 4-5 minutes apart. I did my absolute best to not get an epidural as I wanted my labor to be as natural as possible even though I was being induce. However, I ended up caving in at 6am and got an epidural when I found out I was only 5cm.
Epidural worked wonderfully I was able to get some rest, and at 7am I woke up thinking I peed on myself, turned out my water broke on its own and I was bleeding. 
We called the nurse in, she examined me and said I was at 9cm. She ran out to get someone to call my dr and came back to put a catheter in me to empty my bladder, by the time that ended I was at 10cm and yelling at everyone that I felt like I need to push.
Everyone was scrambling to get the equipment ready and trying to wait on my dr who told us he was 7 minutes out.
We all looked at each other and said she isn’t staying in for 7 minutes. The nurse ended up delivering her. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to tell the nurse that I wanted to delay cord clamping, but they waited until it was white to cut, and my boyfriend was able to cut her cord.
Then my dr came walking and he got suited up because I did have a minor tear that needed 2-3 stitches.
At 7:33AM MaryLou RaeLee Poynor was born mostly natural.
As far as medical intervention I only had the 3 cervical checks.
The one round of cervidal when I got to the hospital, and the epidural. If she wasn’t here when I had her I was suppose to start pitcoin and they were going to break my waters at 8AM.



BIRTH STORY BY : Sunshine Boatright

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