Contractions began to pick up


We did not know the gender of our baby until birth… if you are even thinking about doing it…Do it!


I was due July 5th. Had an induction on June 28th! I was a first-time mommy!! My induction was scheduled for 4 am. I was already 3cm and 80% when I got to the hospital.

They started Pitocin at 7 am.


Contractions began to pick up around 10 am and that’s when they checked me, and I was only at 4cm. That moment I decided that “if they make something that can make me enjoy this more, then why not except it.” I then got my epidural. I was very hesitant about wanting one at first, but felt worn out already from 3 prior days of no sleep and new that I was going to need all the help I could to get things moving along.

At 1 pm my mom and dad were making bets on what time our baby would be here. I chimed in and said 4:15…

The nurse laughed and said no way I’ll be here when this baby is born…

it’s 3:00 at this point..they check me I’m at a 5/6 they called it…

3:30 comes around, and the nurse said, “I need everyone out it’s time to recheck her…”

my husband sighs and says, “I bet she is a “good 8!”Birth Story

I will never forget the look on that nurse’s face… “How about she is complete 10!”

I pushed for 38 minutes exactly!


My beautiful baby GIRL was born at 4:08 pm 8lbs 2oz 20inches long. Scored a nine on her Apgar!

The perfect start to our family! ❤️










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