My Gestational Diabetes and Cholestasis pregnancy induction


July 12, 2018 night before scheduled induction I get a call from l&d to come in for my scheduled induction at 10 am instead of 5:30 am.

July 13, 2018, go in at 10 am for check in and then head down to l&d for my induction. The first thing they hook me up and do an NST along with bloodwork and all the normal questions they ask for admitting you in as well as checked my cervix. I was about 2 cm, 60% thinned and a -2 station. At just about 12 pm they started me on Pitocin since the OB thought my cervix was favorable enough to just start Pitocin.

At 3:40 pm I was 2.5-3 cm and her head was ‘more engaged’ so figured things were going great! At nearly 7 pm my OB came in to check me and said I was still 3 cm, and did a lot of irritating of my cervix which causes a lot of pain and some bleeding, but it also got me to lose some of my mucus plug and we went for another walk to help things along. Contractions were getting to be painful enough I would have to breathe through them but nothing that stopped walking through worthy. Around 8 pm contractions were picking up to 1-2 minutes apart and a minute long, I thought this is awesome! It won’t be such a long labor, and maybe she will still come tonight!(: at 8:30 they checked me again. Still at 3 but her head was more engaged at this point my OB was kinda coming to the decision that my cervix was NOT favorable and the Pitocin wasn’t doing anything for me other than making me contract.

So at 9:30 pm they decided to take me off the Pitocin, wait an hour for contractions to thin out then start me on Cytotec so I could get some rest through the night. Within 30 minutes of getting off Pitocin my contractions were pretty non-existent, 30 minutes later the nurse came in and gave me the first round of Cytotec and an Ambien to help me sleep for a bit.

July 14, 2018; At 2:30 am the nurse came in to check me and give me my second round of Cytotec, the first round gave me a few sporadic contractions but nothing that even woke me up. My cervix was still the same, 3 cm and 60%, maybe 65% effaced. The second dose did the trick! At 6 am I was still at 3 cm but cervix was about 70% thinned and was still contracting on my own and they were picking up pretty well so they let me go on my own for a bit to see what would happen.

At 9:30 am I got the urge to pee so hubby went to help me outta bed when I felt a little trickle, I look at him very questionable and said ‘I think my water just broke?’ Because I still felt like I needed to pee, but he had the nurse come in and she checked me right away when she went to check me my water started gushing out shes all yupp your water broke! Your 4 cm 80% and a 0 station! And I was just laughing my butt off thinking it was hilarious my water broke on its own since my other two that never happened. At 10:30 am I had gone to the bathroom again and felt a weird numbing sensation of my labia so we told the nurse and she checked me again, 5 cm 80% effaced and +2 station!

The baby was coming fast now! They knew once I hit 4/5 my labors moved FAST so she called the OB in and he came in, geared up and wasn’t leaving till she was born! At this point, I was having to squeeze hubby’s hands during contractions but could still smile and laugh between them.

11:30 am get checked and I’m at an 8. I’ve got this – things are going great! Things were starting to hurt a lot and I was shaking through contractions, but I just wasn’t dilating further, my OB would on occasion check me and I was still sitting at the 8-9 cm and he was all hunny I’m sorry you’re going to be laboring a while still. And at this point, I was crying through contractions so I said give me drugs! Give me something for the pain this isn’t cool. So since I was at 8 they got the epidural on its way. 6 contractions later the anesthesiologist was in to do my epidural. I felt like such a failure I had just given up.

I had been through 24 hrs of labor and I was OVER it. They go to give me the numbing shot and I scream you need to stop her head is coming out so the anesthesiologist helps me layover to my side and he sees her head is out so he rushed out of the room? this is when FER kicked in for me, her head was out by the time I was laying down, they told me to stop because her cord was around her neck tight I screamed ‘i cant!’ So the ob ripped it off from her neck just in time for the rest of her to come out with a one-half push from me!

At 12:28 pm our sweet baby girl came into this world at 5 lbs 8 oz 18 1/2 inches long!

They laid her right to my chest after getting her nose sucked out because they had to make sure she was breathing since she was 36 weeks and the cord was around her neck so tightly. She let out a few amazing cries and was handed to me. We spent the first almost 2 hours doing skin to skin where they got me to nurse her 4 times and then did blood sugars 2x right on my chest just to make sure she was maintaining them as soon as possible. For all the fears of having a 36-weeker, they were all for nothing!

She came out perfect and was discharged from the hospital 24 hrs later. She blew everyone away including the doctors! ❤️

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