My birth story at 20 weeks 3 days.

It actually started at 5 am on the 12th of June, I woke up to go to the toilet and was bleeding and felt full.

Which didn’t seem unusual to me because I had an SCH and bled daily from week 12?

I kept getting in and out of the bed every 30 mins until 7 am to use the toilet.

At 7 am I was laid in bed and felt popping inside. About 10 pops. I felt them all pop one by one.

By the 5th pop I was screaming because I could feel a big lump fall out of me into my underwear, by the 10th pop my fella was up telling me to go lay in the bathtub- I started cramping, it felt like contractions so I took painkillers to ease the pain and went to the bathroom and laid in the tub where we slowly took my underwear off.

As we removed my underwear there were about 10 clots all clumped together, I Del Abit of release and the pain eased but every couple mins another clot would come out.

After about 20 mins sat in the bath bleeding and clotting, the blood and clots stopped so I put everything down the loo while my fella cleaned the bath and run me a warm/hot bath.

I started cramping badly again so I rocked backward and forwards on the bathroom floor crying until the bath was big enough for me to jump in.

Eventually, I got in the bath and within a couple mins the pains eased but I still felt some pressure building up. After being in the bath for 10-15 mins I felt a gush come out of my vagina- it just shot out, I looked down to check for pee or blood but nothing was there. Seconds later I bled Abit and something told me My Waters broke!!!!!

I screamed for my fella and explained what happened and he tried to reassure me I was fine but I went with my gut and rung L&D who told me to get an ambulance to them asap- so there I am ringing 999 contracting and getting them to come to me.

The ambulance arrived within 15-20 mins but my contractions were lasting a minute long and at 50 seconds to 1min apart.

The ambulance arrived and asked my name and briefly what’s happened and they said there’s no time for talking we need to go.

In the ambulance I would feel more pops inside me and tell them I’m about to pass a clot, seconds later I did. I got given gas and air as my contractions were painful.

I got to the hospital within 20-25 mins who took me to L&D who also see the clots, they gave me gas and air from inside the hospital and went out the room for 5 mins. It was 10 am.

The hospital nurses came in and got as much info off me as possible about the mornings' events and requested an emergency portable scan.

The lady hid the scan from me because she thought my baby died there and then but she had a heartbeat but they couldn’t see any fluids and was unsure if my placenta was attached so she clinically diagnosed me with low fluid and detaching placenta.

My fella wasn’t with me because I had deliveries that day and apart of me thought all would be ok plus he was waiting for his motorbike to be delivered so he could get to me.

They done a speculum and see I was 1CM dilated but told me it could be to allow the clot (sch) to come out.

I kept contracting and bleeding and clotting all day, I was given gas and air all day, then pethadine. It didn’t stop the contracting pains at all.

Hours flew by due to the medication but felt like forever!

At about 7 pm my fella just got his bike and was going through the process of taxing and ensuring it all online. I had a doctor come in and do another scan who seemed very quiet and kept looking at me like he knew something bad and didn’t want to tell me.

I asked him what was up and to tell me what I need to know- he sat at the end of the bed and said he couldn’t find a heartbeat but could see a active blood flow to the baby but I had no waters and my placenta was pretty much attached by millimeters.

Little did I know how much blood I lost and he said that I needed 2 pints of blood transfusions and if the bleeding and pains didn’t stop they would have to induce me.

I cried and rung my mum and partner to get to the hospital. My fella by this time just taxed his bike and just needed insurance and wouldn’t be on his way.

My mum came straight up... because the pains were getting worse to the point they would chuck my top half up holding my belly almost screaming, they gave me a remi painkiller (stronger than morphine).

It seemed to work, the pains eased up, I stopped bleeding... I thought there was hope!

At about 10 when my mum got to me I had thrown up due to the number of painkillers I had and the throwing up made me bleed and clot again but contractions weren’t active so the hospital said I could be bleeding because the SCH still so they won’t induce yet.

I lived an hour away from the hospital so I knew at night it would take my fella like 40 mins on his bike doing the speed limit.

By 12 my fella had insured his bike (he has dyslexia so it takes him a longer than me doing insurance) and was getting ready to leave ASAP.

By 12 the real contractions came, they were so painful they chucked me forward screaming and I had two midwives in the room shortly after.

My mums there telling me to have gas and air and breath which is really hard to do while I’m labor! I just remember thinking to myself “stay in baby girl just 3 more weeks and your viable” but apart of me knew she was coming any time soon.

Little did me and my mum know there was a diversion on the way and my fella had to take the motorway, I remember passing clots while having contractions and I knew they were clots. From 12 am 13th June I was badly contracting and it was about 1 am at that point.

At about 01:15 have I felt something hard and warm slice into my vaginal canal and I just knew it wasn’t a clot. My baby girl was ready to come out.

I asked the hospital midwives if it was my baby and the young new girl (new by 4 days she never felt with a stillborn before) looked at me and looked upset her self, and said yea she’s coming now.

My body had about 10mins of no contractions where I stayed relaxed and kept her in the canal, my body didn’t need or want to push and if I tried I knew I’d hurt myself so the midwives told me when I next feel a contraction to push. I cried and told her I didn’t want to and needed my fella.

1 min later my body had a crippling contraction which made my body push along with my abdomen, unwillingly pushed my baby out, I don’t remember feeling her come out I just remember the pain and knowing she came out because I see two tiny red arms before I laid back again.

They said to me to push the placenta out but again my body wasn’t telling me to do anything. I won’t manipulate my body. Seconds later another contraction came and forced me to push again and I felt my placenta and more come out, felt like 2stone had fallen out of my abdomen. The nurses said literally everything that needed to come out has come out.

Losing 300ml of blood requiring another pint of blood.

I had my baby girl handed to me.
20 weeks 3 days
13/06/18 01:27 am

She was so beautiful, warm still, I never knew love until I held my baby girl. A love so strong it hurts

Seconds later I started contracting again so I passed my baby to my mum and moaned in pain and my fella walked in the door. He came straight over to me and I told him to see his daughter.

He held his beautiful daughter and seeing him hold her was so beautiful and touching it made me pains seem painless and just a niggle- or the painkillers started to work finally.

She was my rainbow baby.

My first true love.

My everything still even though she’s gone.

I had the privilege to spend 2 days with her and my partner before we said our temporary goodnights.

Now she’s the only one who holds my heart.

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