My first birth was rather traumatic.

My son was born at 26 weeks 5 days due to severe preeclampsia and nobody really took the time to explain anything to us except that if I didn't have a C-section we would die.

So fast forward a year and a half (which is how long the Drs told us to wait to try) we found out we were expecting again.

I knew this time around I was going to do things differently.

I was only 3 weeks along when we found out, and my Dr told me right off the bat I'd have to have another C-section. Just the fear that thought brought me was enough to make me panic and cry.

So I set out to arm myself with as much info as I could regarding VBACs. I joined all sorts of support groups on Facebook, one of them being for women with special scars like mine.

Even though I had a classical csection, I was bound to not have to be cut open again.

The special scars group provided all kinds of informational studies, plus their own real-life stories and they gave me hope.

The next step was finding a supportive provider. I consulted with 4 Drs before finding an OB that was somewhat supportive of my with to TOLAC (trial of labor after cesarean.)

My next goal was to find a doula.

I found one who reminded me of my mom, with her use of essential oils, massage, and just all around caring nature. I ended up staying with my Dr for almost 10 weeks before I got tired of hearing how I needed to plan my back up csection, and needed to consult with another maternal-fetal medicine group because of his office being short staffed.

At 35 weeks 6 days, I bit the bullet and made the hour drive to a provider who was suggested to me through one of the Minnesota VBAC support groups.

I was skeptical but tried to stay positive. I was blown away though by how understanding and caring my soon to be new Dr was.

He read through my surgical report, and said based on the notes, I could indeed TOLAC and only have a 3% chance of rupturing.

I almost cried. That was better than the 2-9% risk I previously thought I had. My internal incision ended up being a low vertical, so it went more into my cervix than the upper fundus.

I can't tell you how excited I was.

My plan was to work all the way up until I went into labor. I started my weekly appointments with my new Dr which were well worth the drive.

My last appointment with him was at 36 weeks 6 days. The day I went into labor, we had decided to upgrade my husband's vehicle, so I spent all afternoon at the dealership he works at.

Then we had to go to my dad's house for my brother's graduation party.

About the time we were leaving, I thought I should go to the bathroom since it was a 20-minute drive home.

But just as I went to leave, I felt a little gush of fluid.

I got a little freaked out so I texted my doula, and then ended up calling my Dr at my husband's urging. Dr. Anderson wanted me to head to the hospital since I had an hour drive there. Well, a little more than that since we had to run home and pack. By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were 5 minutes apart, but bearable.

I got checked, and once it was confirmed my water was indeed leaking, they admitted me.

The nursing staff was just amazing, from helping us get comfortable, to making sure my husband and toddler had what they needed. Yeah, that was one of the best parts is my toddler stayed with us the whole time and the nurses didn't even bat an eye. Contractions slowed down through the night but they did get more intense so I got a shot of morphine to hopefully help and allowed to sleep. Sunday morning I was only a 3 and about 75% effaced, so I did some laps around the until and tied up some loose ends with work.

Hubby had to run home for a bit that evening to grab a few items we forgot, which worked out because I had my doula and a family friend to keep me company.

By about 9 pm I was 80% effaced but stuck at 4 cm, but contractions were horrible.

I got through what I could until they had me in tears and then opted for the epidural before hubby and son came back. That night everyone slept pretty decently! I made it to 8cm and 100% by about 5 am and 9cm by 7:30. Dr. Anderson ordered me on a super low dose of Pitocin to get that last cm.

They didn't get me hooked up to that for a couple hours but had me going by about 10:30 am. Around 11:30 I started feeling a lot of pressure and told my doula I felt the need to push, so one of my nurses was called and so was the Dr.

I finally made it!

They let me push whenever I felt a contraction, basically just practicing. Once they could see baby's head, they called in the Dr.

I just remember focusing where my energy needed to go for pushing and had so much encouragement, not only from my husband, doula, and friend, but my nurse and Dr as well.

I felt so empowered by all of it.

My son was born at 12:03pm on 6/18/18 after 42 hours of labor.

I'm so proud of how much knowledge I gained in preparing for the birth that and I wanted and knew I could have.

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