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My VBAC story:

I had an emergency cesarean with my daughter almost 7 years ago due to pre-e at 37weeks- it was a bad experience and recovery. I wanted to try for a VBAC this time.

I found an amazing OB who was willing to give me the complete experience I wanted to try for! We went into the hospital for my scheduled induction at 39+4 on 7/9, (the date was sentimental) started Pitocin and only dilated to a 1-2. A few hours in we did the foley bulb- 6 hours later it came out and I was only at a 3. At that point I went ahead with the epidural as contractions were close and intense from the pit. Stayed there for the rest of the night then my water broke 1am- still a 3.

The epidural made me horrendously sick so I didn’t press the button and just let it kind of wear off. In the morning I went to a 6- they decided to get a peanut ball for between my legs and roll me to my left side, it was so painful that I rolled back over, they checked again to make sure and I was at a 9, we frantically called and messaged my mom to bring my daughter and also my birth photographer!

Everyone got there in time and the nurse had me do a practice push while my OB got ready, then made me quickly stop as he was coming out already- my OB says push and with one push his head was out!

She asked me if I wanted to pull him out and I said ABSOLUTELY- reached down and got to pull him out and onto my own chest with my daughter and husband standing next to me the whole time? the most incredible experience of my life…

Griffyn Ray was born 7/10 at 10:17 am 6lb 6oz 19 1/2 inches long

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