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Season 1; BirthTUBE Verified Doulas

Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez Doula Services
Jacksonville, FL

Olivia became a doula at the age of just 19…

We chat about everything from being a young Doula, to a Doula with no kids, to how she took charge of her health after finding out she was diagnosed with some women's health issues - which ultimately kick-started her passion for newborn care.

Olivia shares an unforgettable birth story of the first birth she attended - spoiler alert- it was a home birth in Guatemala.

She currently serves the families of Jacksonville, Florida, but has long term goals of taking her doula services to serve the women in need in Guatemala so they can be educated and have a completely safe birth environment.

Get ready for inspiration and motivation to hit your ears!

Maria Gohdes

GentleSurge/Madison HypnoBirthing
Madison, WI and surrounding areas

I am passionate about bringing evidence-based information to families at every stage, from fertility to parenthood. I teach and support families who want to have an informed, empowered and gentle pregnancy, birth and parenting experience and who are looking for someone to walk the journey with them. By helping families prepare in mind (through relaxation, self-hypnosis, affirmations and visualization) and body (by exercising, Spinning Babies techniques and nutrition) before labor begins, my doula bag (packed with rebozo, essential oils, special guided relaxations and more!) isn't always used. I also support families remotely Virtual Doula Services - contact me for more info!

 conversation with Maria coming soon!

Jordana Denn

Mother Moon Births
Florida's Treasure Coast

I formed my new business ‘Mother Moon Birth Services’ with the mission to help educate expecting mothers on their available options and eliminate some of the stress caused by preparing for a baby. I am also on a mission to serve all mothers and to make their experience with pregnancy and motherhood amazing. I understand that natural birth may not be an option for you and that the journey of cultivating life is individual and sacred to all women. It is my goal to guide you through whatever YOUR path may be.

I am currently a Student Midwife and am always continuing my education and following my passion to help women and families.


Angelica Landa

The Joyful Angel
Chicagoland area

Congratulations! Preparing for the arrival of your little angel is certainly an exciting time in your life, and I am thrilled to be able to serve you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I have completed the DONA International approved training, and have over 15 years of ECE experience working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families throughout the Chicagoland area, in addition to attending labors/deliveries. I am here for you and look forward to being a part of one of the most special times in your life.

Emma Ginder

Emma Ginder Birth and Postpartum Doula Services
St. Louis, MO

Emma is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula serving families in the St. Louis and metro east areas. She was called to birth work when she saw the missing link in maternal care and wanted to help families flourish and be supported through every aspect of their parenting journey.

Mallory Dull

Ezer Birth Services
Fort Wayne, IN & Surrounding Areas

I reside in Albion, Indiana with my husband and our full house of 5 fur babies. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are passions of mine that have a firm foundation formed in childhood. I love education and am passionate about gathering as much information as I can get my hands on to better serve my clients. I also have experience with and personal sensitivity to infertility, which has lead to a deep rooted desire to advocate for women's reproductive rights. Because of my involvement in the infertility community, I have a special heart for bereaved mothers, preterm deliveries, and multiple pregnancies.

Rebecca Duncan

Empathic Doula Services
San Francisco Bay Area, East & North Bay

I am a seasoned doula with more than 14 years of professional experience. I trained with a well respected and admired midwife, in the East Bay in 2004. I have two children myself (now grown), one born in a hospital and my second born at home. I've practiced attachment parenting, bed-sharing, baby-led weaning, baby wearing, baby sign language and parts of continuum concept. I have been an accredited La Leche League Leader providing me with education and vast experience in educating and supporting breastfeeding parents. All of my beliefs have felt right for me and my family. But I do not make any part of my agenda yours. Rather, I support you in doing what works best for your family.


Lydia Robinson

Labored With Love
Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas

Lydia Robinson is a birth doula and OB nurse specializing in labor and delivery since 2013. A Kansas City native, Lydia has gained valuable experience in different aspects of the birth world through travel nursing. In 2017 she completed her doula training through DONA International and has continued to serve women wherever her travels take her. Her desire is to educate pregnant women and their families giving them the power to take control over their pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Marnellie Bishop

Hānau Doula
Portland, Oregon & Surrounding Area

Marnellie is a Birth and Postpartum Doula in Portland, OR. As a doula, Marnellie's value is in how she coaches, supports and uplifts each client in a positive and meaningful way. Marnellie’s goal for each client is to build confidence to achieve desired goals in pregnancy, birth and beyond!

 conversation with Marnellie coming soon!

Liz Foster

Liz Foster
Denver Metro Area

"My name is Liz Foster and I am obsessed with making positive birth experiences an outstanding norm for all. I was awakened to labor and birth when, as a single mother, I birthed my son via emergency cesarean. Never again do I want a mother to feel the dread and despair I felt during pregnancy and birth. Five years later, I successfully delivered my daughter via vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and I finally understood the strength and power we should all feel throughout the birth process. I was thrilled to experience what everyone in the natural birth world was talking about!"


Annie Willems

PNW Doulas
Willamette Valley, Oregon (Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, etc)

Being pregnant is a special time in your life. A time filled with wonder, change and so many plans for the future.

When you prepare for college, you speak with an admissions counselor.

If you’re planning a wedding, you hire a wedding planner.

As you go through the process of purchasing a home, you work with a real estate agent.

These professionals guide you through the options that best fit your specific needs.

A doula does the same.

 conversation with Annie coming soon!

Kirsten Freeman

Three Little Birds Birth Services
Greenville, and upstate SC

I am mostly known for being a Birth Nerd, but I'm totally proud of it! People often refer to me as knowledgeable, caring, and honest. I pride myself on providing accurate information to you and your family so that you can make your own decisions.

I love serving the world by changing the way people feel about themselves. I love being able to open someone's eyes to see their true potential. I want to change the birth scene in a way that leaves families feeling prepared, excited, and refreshed.

 conversation with Kirsten coming soon!

Chelisa Clifton

Arrivals Doula Services
Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

For as long as I can remember I've had an interest in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I started as a young girl babysitting and could not have been more excited when I became a mother myself. I was able to be a stay at home mom when my babies were little. Once my children were in school full days, I decided to get back into corporate America. I spent a good amount of time working in healthcare and realized that I had a desire to get back to helping new mothers and having more of a personal connection rather than just the business side. It was the perfect time for me to pursue my lifelong desire of being a Doula.

 conversation with Chelisa coming soon!
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