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8 Signs A Doula Is Right For You BirthTUBE Doula Blogger: Liz Foster CD(DONA), HCHD Denver Metro Area Martha Stewart, I borrowed something from your ...
What's a doula?

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"My Doulawent above and beyond my expectations and helped my husband to be more comfortable through the whole process." "My Doulawas definitely worth every penny." ...


We get it. We've compiled testimonials from birthtube members to help you decide if hiring a doula is right for you.

When I looked into the option of hiring a doula I wasn't wanting to pay a doula fee for someone to attend the birth of my baby - maybe if it was my first baby or if I would have been doing a home birth I would have been more willing but, given the fact that, I would be going to the hospital and that I had a few deliveries under my belt I honestly didn't think and wasn't aware of what kind of help a doula could really provide ... until Tara!!!

Tara was a blessing that came to me thru BirthTUBE Facebook page.


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My husband and I decided to hire one so that he would feel more comfortable coaching me (this was our first baby). And my mom had just had surgery, so it was awesome to have someone else at my birth that I trusted. I will definitely hire a Doula for future labors.


BirthTUBE Member

They are comforting, supportive and your voice and advocate when you are in the throes of birth.


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Not just to support the mother but the father too. She is able to stay with mom while he goes to get food or has to run to the house or store.


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Advocacy, support, badassness.


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Non-Judgemental support.


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I didn't have one because I didn't fully understand the need for my last birth. My son was OP and I was on my back the entire labor, epidural wore off and I felt everything. If I had a doula I would have been educated and probably told to try different positions, use a peanut ball, and would have had someone there who could apply counter pressure for my back labor. ( this is how and why I became a doula)


BirthTUBE Member

Even though I felt educated and prepared, I forgot everything when in labor. It was so great to have someone remind me of all the things that I wanted to tell myself.


BirthTUBE Member

Point you to evidence-based resources, support your decisions, provide comfort measures, teach your partner how to help with counter pressure and other comfort measures, reassure partner that all is okay, support partner so they can support mom, encouragement and emotional support, and more.


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Are you on the fence about hiring a doula? Would you hire a mechanic when your car breaks down? Would you call a plumber to help your pipes? Would you have a football coach your kid in football? You would because you wouldn’t want the thought of doing it yourself. You want the best in the field, doing what they do best. Especially when it supports and benefits you in the way having a doula does when you are pregnant. So why not hire a doula? Any excuse you give for not wanting one, there’s a doula out there for you.


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Because hubby should get to experience the birth too, not be frantically trying to remember what you learned in birth class.


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