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Being A Doula Is The Best

It's liberating. Fulfilling. Thrilling...

and sometimes HARD to find your ideal clients.

Am I right? You did it, you found your passion and you are so eager to serve as many families as your schedule allows.

But the truth is: you’re an entrepreneur. Finding your ideal client. Better yet, you’re ideal client finding you is much harder said than done.

When you try to follow all the typical business advice or invest time and money into marketing your services, you end up spending half your time explaining what a doula does and the other half waiting to see if your phone rings or your email pings a new potential client.

You've Spent Countless Hours...

  • Passing out business cards after business cards

  • Attending Meet-the-doula events in your area

  • Stapling your business card to every coffee shop bulletin board in your town

You've Spent Money...

  • Printing business cards

  • On promotional items

  • On a website

Instead of focusing on your passion

You worry because...

You’re scrambling to learn how to build a business

And, even if you’ve mastered filling your calendar with clients, what’s next for you?

How will you still generate income using your talent and skill set if you need a break from client work?

You’re working so hard and investing your own money, but still often end up: underselling your services, explaining what “a doula is” ad nauseum, or… when you do sign a client… they turn out to be “less than ideal.”

I started BirthTUBE just 8 short months ago and it exploded. I discovered VERY quickly that, as much progress as we’ve made as a society women still need a dedicated place to connect with support, share their stories and feel empowered through their births and in their roles as new mothers.

BirthTUBE is where women from all over the world come to prepare for their upcoming birth. A combined community of 50,000+ women, mothers, and birth workers - this community has entrusted me to connect them to each other and to help them build their support team.

One of the most frequent requests I get is, “can you recommend a doula in my area?”

And, as much as I want to get to know every single doula in my community, with over a thousand of you already, I simply don’t have the bandwidth.

Instead, I’ve worked with some top-notch resources in the birth industry and a team of developers to create the premier BirthTUBE Doula Directory.

The BirthTUBE Doula Directory is an ultra-supportive, matchmaking membership community for doulas to market their services, specialties and most of all to connect with families who are looking for their doula soulmate. BirthTUBE is one of the only growing community where women come to BEFORE they give birth.

There is no other community like the BirthTUBE Community. Nobody has ever done what we are doing and for that reason, we are thriving, the community is active and women are engaged.

You don’t need to keep spinning your wheels trying to get seen by your ideal client in all the wrong places. (Reminds me of the country song by Johnny Lee, “Looking for love in all the wrong places”) Or another doula directory where with time it starts to become stale and there isn’t a solid marketing plan behind it.

The BirthTUBE Doula Directory is different than anything you’ve seen before and it’s promoted with a thorough Marketing plan. Brace yourself, it’s a good one.

A link to the BirthTUBE Doula Directory is...

  • In the BirthTUBE Group description where 30k women and growing have access to it
  • Posted in the BirthTUBE Group at least once a month - an active, engaging and excited community of 30k women
  • Included in the GROUP RULES - where new members see and are required to sign before joining - in the last 4 months, we received 5k+ new members
  • Sent to each mom who requests to stream her birth live on BirthTUBE - We average about 25 requests a month. In 7 months we have received 236 requests.
  • In BirthTUBE’s Instagram Bio - we currently have 8k followers
  • In BirthTUBE’s monthly email - 14k subscribers

Another thing that sets us apart from your average Directory is that we don’t believe listing your name, number, email, and one photo is going to be enough to attract your ideal client. We believe in order for a family to feel connected enough to click the, “contact me” button you are going to need more than just the basics.

The BirthTUBE Doula Directory has two levels to choose from. Depending on the level you choose, here’s the what you will get on the BirthTUBE Doula Directory…

Our basic membership covers… you know the basics.

But, we know that you are more than a basic doula and we want to ensure your investment in our directory provides the most robust offerings to develop your business and take you to the next level. And, we want to get to know you so that we can provide that “personal” recommendation our community craves.

BirthTUBE Verified is our premium membership that will garner you the most exposure and provide you with BirthTUBE’s coveted stamp of approval.

Our BirthTUBE Verified members enjoy multiple bonuses in addition to the benefits of a basic membership.

Bonus Feature #1

BirthTUBE Verified stamp - the BirthTUBE Verified Stamp is going to set you apart from the rest of the doula profiles. Each family who searches for their doula soulmate on the doula directory will know that the BirthTUBE Verified Stamp means you have met BirthTUBE’s requirements* and you stand for what BirthTUBE stands for.

Bonus Feature #2

Top spots - your profile will be listed above the basic profiles.

Bonus Feature #3

Guest blog post- Being a guest blogger for BirthTUBE is going to give you the opportunity to drive traffic back to your website! The blog post you submit to BirthTUBE will give all credit to you by featuring you as the author and a link back to your website.

Bonus Feature #4

Video on your profile - This is HUGE!!! When a family looks at your profile and they have the opportunity to watch your video, that’s instant connection plus you will really stand out from the rest.

Bonus Feature #5 - “The Best Kept Secret”

Exclusive BirthTUBE Verified Facebook Group

You will receive a personal invitation to our member-only private Facebook group - AKA, an insanely close-knit community of generous, like-minded doulas like yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes I see doulas make is they become a doula but have a hard time navigating the business side of things. At times, you find yourself feeling stuck and alone. I get it.

You are an amazing doula but you have so much more to offer. With a service business, being seen and staying front of mind of your ideal clients is what can make or break your Doula Business. Without clients, you can’t doula. Am I right? The Doula industry is growing and it is only a matter of time before you start to feel like you are working in a saturated market. What if you could explore ways on how to market yourself in a way that attracts your ideal clients, would you be in?

Let’s talk about it!

The Exclusive BirthTUBE Verified Doula Group - This is not any facebook group (you know I don’t create just any kind of groups), this is where you will join like-minded doulas who are into collaborating, sharing ideas, tough love and being the sounding boards for one another.

The BirthTUBE Verified Doula FB Group is a place to share everything that is working right now in the Doula-business. You will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded Doulas - all in one amazing community. You already know if you’re going to make the kind of impact you want to make in the birth world, you need to surround yourself with people who will support you, lift you up, and give you the smart, real advice you need to get there. That’s the BirthTUBE Verified Doula Group!

Ohh, and I will be there! *hand raised*

Some topic we will be covering is…

  • How to nurture and grow your facebook group
  • Getting featured on Podcast
  • Creating and Launching an ONLINE COURSE
  • How to Find you Brand Voice
  • Marketing Mistakes We Keep Making
  • Getting Published + Collaboration +
  • Getting Featured
  • How to Plan a One Day Retreat

Becoming BirthTUBE Verified is not for you if..

  • You don’t care about the Bonus Features that will make your profile stand out from the rest
  • You are not ready to reach more families and make a bigger impact in the birth world.
  • You don’t see the power in a community.
  • You’re not looking to reach your max potential
  • The thought of being challenged, inspired and supported doesn’t tickle your fancy.
  • Expanding your reach worldwide doesn’t get you excited.

If you shook your head no to all of those then, becoming BirthTUBE Verified is FOR YOU!!

  • You're tired of sending out a response to a family and hearing "We went with another doula" or "We found someone cheaper" or the worst... hearing only crickets.
  • You are ready to get started on showcasing your best self and services!
  • You want to hear what is working right now on social media so you build a highly engaged audience that holds on to your every word.
  • You are excited to surround yourself with like-minded doulas who will challenge you, inspire you and support you!
  • You adore serving your ideal clients, but you know you have more to offer., you are ready!

In order to apply for a BirthTUBE Verified profile, you must first meet the following criteria. This is the minimum first step we require to move forward in our BirthTUBE Verified application process.

  • Certified or attended 3+ births
  • Verified Website / Facebook Page
  • 3 verified 5-star reviews
  • Active Member on BirthTUBE
  • Agreed to BirthTUBE’s Code of Ethics
  • Pass the interview with BirthTUBE’s Board of Experts

Disclaimer: If you are a doula who catches babies, we are not able to verify you due to our legal terms.

Basic (paid monthly)

$9 / month

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • 3 Photos
  • Bio
  • Doula philosophy
  • Website URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Certified yes or no
  • Birth starting price
  • Reviews
  • List of Special Services
  • List of Special Training
  • Contact Link

Basic (paid anually)

$6 / month

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • 3 Photos
  • Bio
  • Doula philosophy
  • Website URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Certified yes or no
  • Birth starting price
  • Reviews
  • List of Special Services
  • List of Special Training
  • Contact Link

Verified (paid anually)

$14 / month

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • 3 Photos
  • Bio
  • Doula philosophy
  • Website URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Certified yes or no
  • Birth starting price
  • Reviews
  • List of Special Services
  • List of Special Training
  • Contact Link
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Verified Stamp
  • Featured Top Spots
  • Featured Blog Post
  • Extra Photos
  • Video
  • Verified Doula Facebook Group

Ohh, and a little bit about your host

I’m Paige. I built an oh-so-engaging, ultra-supportive community of 50k women from all over the world in a matter of 6 months.

 I did this without any online marketing training or spending a penny on an advertisement. I was a mom of 2 + a nanny with a background in Real Estate. 2 months after BirthTUBE was born, I was able to quit my full-time nanny job to pursue BirthTUBE full time. I have a passion for all things birth and connecting families with their Doula Soulmate!